Some Easy Tips to Optimize Nokia Ovi Suite.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nokia Ovi Suite offers something new than the Nokia PC suite, which is a process management and content transfer between your Nokia device and PC with greater ease.
For example if you want to move messages, contacts, photos, videos, or music we can also synchronize your phone's data online on the portal via your Nokia Ovi us.

In addition, Ovi Suite also offers a software upgrade services and other interesting content online through the fore Ovi Store will be better maximized by Nokia.
Another plan, all the synchronization process and personalize the online shopping for Nokia phones, will be done through Ovi Suite.

For those who already have a Nokia account in Ovi, also can use this service to monitor the data Email.
Maps including Ovi and enjoy the main facility, if you do not have the Ovi Suite can directly download here.
To make it easier for you to use Ovi Suite, the following few simple tips on how to optimize the Nokia Ovi Suite...

  1. Download and install the Ovi Suite on your PC and run, we'll get four window dialogue at the start screen OviSuite (Contacts, Photos, Messaging, Music) and two additional boxes on the right side (Ovi Mail and Ovi Store online).

  2. Connect your phone and automatically use the data in the phone memory will be detected.
    Then we can explore the services offered by Ovi Suite.

  3. Before starting it's good review first software updates, both for PC and mobile.
    If found and is required please do the update process.

  4. To start the synchronization please you select content, such as in music.
    We can directly copy audio files from PC to phone, or vice versa.
    The process can be done through drag and droped, the same thing can also be done to the image.
    In addition we can also synchronize contacts and to monitor the messages, even we can send to a certain number directly.
    Display dialog similar SMS or thread SMS chats.

  5. The ability to offer real interesting Ovi Suite is a facility for downloading mobile content online through Ovi Store, as well as access data Email (Ovi Mail).
    To be able to use it we must have an account on Ovi, and we live to do the registration.

  6. Once registered and logged more leverage we can enjoy the services offered by Ovi Suite.
    For example, to backup and synchronize mobile data with the data base of our account on Ovi portal.
    In addition we also can use Ovi Maps application for navigation guidance.
    If we do not already have mobile phones can directly download and install it via the Ovi Suite will be automatically integrated into the internet browser at the Maps menu is selected.

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