Twelve Weakness iPhone 3G.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Sunday, March 28, 2010

Many people in the world who really like to use your Apple production, especially for users in high places.

For a communication device that is rich in features and is said among the various users around the world could not agree if the iPhone has a predicate as the best phone.

But the number of people who use the iPhone only a few who know the weaknesses of the iPhone.

Not even the possibility of the user very sorry to have and use the iPhone as a phone that is expected to be relied upon to support the user activities in everyday life.

Of all that you know the weaknesses and shortcomings the iPhone, you please refer to the following statement...

  1. Your iPhone as mobile users can only sync music files and video files through the iTunes software driver only.
    So do not expect to be able to synchronize the music files through other service providers.
  2. Although there are some applications or games that have been provided free of charge, but you can only install the application software support with the iPhone via OTA (Over The Air) who must spend a lot of credit for the download.
    Or you can just install and games through iTunes only.
  3. Either without cause or reason Apple remove applications Nullriver's modem app which can usually be found at the iPhone Apps Store.
    Elimination of the application due to breach of contract committed by the provider AT & T.
    But the usefulness of the application is very useful as a phone modem in the iPhone.
  4. Not all developers making applications or games can be accepted by Apple through the iPhone Apps Store menu, because it is associated with authoritarian policies that Apple is very tight.
    For users who previously used the phone with Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Blackberry do not be surprised if it does not find a third-party applications multifunctional and can usually be found on other phones.
  5. As with any other smartphone for that multitasking can indeed be done on this iPhone phone.
    But you can only run one third-party applications running at the same time Pre-Installed applications on the iPhone.
  6. Apple likely does not permit the vendor that provides application products that are open source.
    This should be based on the terms and conditions of the NDA for developers who are appointed by Apple.
  7. The limited use of Bluetooth, Handheld iPhone 3G has EDR and A2DP support on bluetooth connectivity that can only be used for mobile phones when making calls or receive calls only.
    But from these advantages the iPhone 3G can not transfer files to other phones, although it has been available Bluetooth has been provided.
  8. Another case of a smartphone that is generally in doing typing messages, for iPhone 3G(firmware v2.0) does not have features such as copy and paste the other smartphones.
    This is because of the protection system which is OSX on the iPhone.
  9. Besides SMS, the iPhone 3G also has push e-mail like other phones with these capabilities.
    But in the absence of MMS feature (firmware version 2.0) Other mobile phone users feel less well liked if the iPhone has a degree as a rich mobile multimedia features.
  10. iPhone 3G camera only has a 2 mega pixel power alone, and this may be an additional minus value because the iPhone 3G does not have video recording features.
  11. Like HTC mobile phone and the latest Symbian S60 which has a touch screen navigation in its operations.
    But with the features of Voice Command or Voice Control will provide more value, but in the iPhone phone you will not find these features.
  12. The Officially iPhone 3G not sold freely, so if you want to have it you must buy it on providers who have been appointed by Apple in each country that has a business partnership with Apple.

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