Showing Results Nokia Photos In Interactive Map.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Monday, March 22, 2010

Nokia introduced a new service called Nokia Image Space.
This service will integrate flickr account with a map of OVI in the interactive display.
However, this service can only be accessed through the computer screen and an internet connection to connect to the server flickr.

Although this beta version is still under development, at least there are some things we can use.
The steps are as follows if you want to try it ...

  1. Click here, Then you will see a display like below and click login.
  2. After that you'll also see a display like this, click to sign in with a Yahoo ID and you will see a new page that contains the notification click agree.
  3. You will also be asked to complete activation of your flickr account. Click Active, and when you have finished click on re-activation of the icon Nokia Image Space.
  4. Will be seen an oval-shaped web page at the bottom and a photograph at the top, and account information at the right.
  5. If you already have images on the flickr account to do browsing photos on the right page, the photos with geo-tag will be displayed with an accurate map on the bottom of the image.
  6. You can also find photos of others based on location shooting was in sharing in general by the owner of the photo.

This service can replace the role similar to Google Map service with the possibility of interaction among flickr users around the world, if you are interested in this official service wait just released version.

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  1. Deden Hanafi Says:
  2. Pertamaaaaaaaax.... :D

  3. Deden Hanafi Says:
  4. beuuuh, nokia makin canggih aja nih.

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