NetDetect, Operators Signal Detection Applications.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Sunday, March 21, 2010

For those of you who get bored with the weak operator's network and want to easily check how much the signal strength.
NetDetect could be the solution, for mobile java applications serves as a signal detector in the mobile network.

With this application you can activate a warning tone as the notice that the network or network has been available without the need to continue to see the phone display.
Quite useful and more secure when traveling in areas with weak signals.

NetDetect can be used in areas that have weak signals, because it provides notice of the application of sound indicators of the status of the network used.
So users no longer need to see the phone to make sure there is network or not.

Sure you've had where to call or send an SMS as soon as possible because something very important, but the signal is not available.
At this moment the user is running this application area are looking for the signal.

Later a sound warning signals will sound when the signal was found.
Automatically direct the user can make calls or send SMS from the site.

Also in the weak network conditions can NetDetect also ordered to continue to check periodically signals.
So they can notify you when the signal is lost or come back.
This application has a warning tone different allowing you to know the signals used in mobile phones.

Alert mode can be set to your liking, for example you want to tone sounded at the time the network was found.
Each of the selected settings will be saved and can be used when the application is operated.

At the alert mode is selected, the command will be available to start or stop the application network detection.
Alternative tone and other settings can be selected in the main setup menu, but there are some other options that you can choose in this application.
For example flash settings, vibration, and volume settings.

NetDetect connected to data networks such as GPRS or EDGE, but can not make use of activity data.
Setting the standard in the alert mode will stop when the connection occurs, the alert mode NetDetect other may commit a number of short connections to the data network.

Developer: Infologic Services.
Version: 1.4.36
File Size: 62 KB.
Platform: J2ME.
Category: System Utilities/Communications.
Information and Download: Here.

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  1. Den Hanafi Says:
  2. PERTAMAX kah??? :D

  3. Den Hanafi Says:
  4. sepertnya hape saya ga bisa pake netdetect kang... :(

  5. kayanya hape saya juga sama gak bisanya :)

  6. sama nih, hp saya juga ga bisa di pkein aplikasinya,, tapi walaupun ga bisa yang penting dapet info yang ok dari sini! mantaff (like this)


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