Tips On How To Receive Files Via Bluetooth On Blackberry.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Many some Blackberry users who do not know how to receive files via Bluetooth on Blackberry.
This question is often the case for most new users who previously often have a Blackberry device without an operating system.
For there to receive multimedia files such as audio, video, and photos on your Blackberry does need special ways.

System used Blackberry virtually identical to the Windows Mobile Smartphone base, in essence to better protect the phone from the inclusion of things that are not desired.
Steps should be done in order to receive files via Bluetooth on Blackberry is as follows:

  1. Activate Bluetooth -> Set Up Bluetooth and select "Search" to search for Bluetooth mobile phones that will send the file.
  2. Once detected, select Bluetooth phone is a profile name and then enter a passkey to connected with phones that will send the file.
  3. How to receive files please go to the menu of existing media in the multimedia folder.
  4. Press the BlackBerry menu (Figure icon Blackberry) -> Receive Using Bluetooth.
  5. Please wait for a connection from the sender's phone, then please press the Yes button.
The file can be sent directly we receive and we save on your Blackberry, so I hope the explanation of some use for the user who has not so understand how the Bluetooth on the Blackberry and good luck.

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  1. Sou Stalker Says:
  2. Hahahaha. .tadi udah nulis pake bahasa inggris,tak apus lagi,kalo salah malu-maluin ,pake bahasa indo aja gpp kan sob ?
    Met pagi ya,sukses slalu !

  3. sda Says:
  4. makasih infonya, tapi lum punya BBnya nih...

  5. narti Says:
  6. tentu sangat bermanfaat buat yg punya BB.
    makasih sharingnya.

  7. riz Says:
  8. ok sobat...
    infonya bagus ini...
    wah jadi kepngin nabung bwt barang yg satu ini :)

  9. akhatam Says:
  10. Hmm so Usefull...
    Tx bro, but i'm not user of bb.

  11. tomo Says:
  12. Iya nih sama dengan ponsel java caranya aku kira.thanks

  13. tomo Says:
  14. Thanks for share articel.I think Blackberyy is nice mobile

  15. fadly Says:
  16. nice tips... keep posting bro!


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