iPhone 4G Will Release Soon.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Friday, April 23, 2010

CALIFORNIA - leaking, the iPhone 4G into the hands of editors Gizmodo led to speculation that Apple has actually mass-producing such handsets.
In fact, Apple has ready to release it on June 22, 2010 next.

As is known, employees of Apple, Gray Powell the handset is claimed as the latest generation iPhone was in a bar nuanced Germany, Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City, California.

After the incident, speculation about the iPhone 4G began to appear.
Digital trends, Friday (04/23/2010), launched the iPhone is not a prototype, but the final product.

Based on data and analysis revealed a number of observers, judging from the reaction to Apple immediately deliver a written objection and request Gizmodo restore it stands to reason Apple has been producing mass.

Not to mention, when viewed from the barcode found on the mobile phone is disclosed Gizmodo, it seems that it is the latest generation iPhone.

One of the barcode it says 'N90_DVT_GE4X_0493'. Writing 'N90' is the code name for the GSM iPhone 4G which will be released in June or July 2010 this year.

While DVT code refers to the 'Design verification test' conducted for Apple products.

Source: Techno-Okezone.

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  1. ayel bertuah Says:
  2. blogwalking...!

  3. tomo Says:
  4. Oh ini berita menggembirakan kawan.Aku juga sedang menantikan kehadiran 4G ini.Kata temanku larinya lebih kencang daripada HSDPA jika untuk berselancar di dunia maya

  5. cellular Says:
  6. iphone actually really cool, it's just the price is also very very cool, he .. he ..
    nice post friend..

  7. akhatam Says:
  8. Really?? wow.. sso amazing...
    I like it, and i'll buy it soon..hhaha if i have fund..hahha.lol

  9. tomo Says:
  10. Kapan datang ke Indonesia nih kawan ya

  11. Den Hanafi Says:
  12. kalau di indo, entah kenapa, iphone kurang booming ya kang???

  13. Den Hanafi Says:
  14. blognya kenapa kang? tadi saya kunjungin, awalnya muncul "page not found" dulu

  15. wah saya punya iphone, alhamdulillah hadiah dari seseorang tapi sayangnya skrg g' bisa aktif krn kabel cargernya diputisan 'jagoan kecilku', di indo ada g' yang jual cargernya doang. soalnya sy disini (madinah-ksa) nyari gantinya jg sulit bgt?


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