IMO B720, Cheap Mobile QWERTY and Fixed Rely Chat feature.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Monday, April 5, 2010

Manufacturers IMO there is never stop launching new products, in addition to lower priced multimedia features also presents a fairly complete.
One of them still rely on IMO B720 social networking and chat features, other than that IMO B720 also added a selection of colorful chasing behind.

IMO still wearing regular four way navigation, the look on their faces and elegant black design as an attraction for the user can choose from three color options chasing behind with black, silver, and orange.
At the rear there are also silver spherule as a media release or a speaker that sounds right on the right side of the camera.

For multimedia features IMO B720 already quite complete, call it Audio player, TV tunner 21 channel, Radio FM, Video player, Video recorder, Audio maker, and Picture manager.
All those files will be placed within a microSD card.
On connectivity to access online features such as GPRS, while the other is Bluetooth connectivity and a data cable for synchronizing with a PC.

IMO B720 also been providing a wide range of chat features, among others, eBuddy Beta, IMOChat and OperaMini as a basic application that has been embedded in the IMO.
Beyond that, the user is also provided Internet access service shortcut to Facebook, Twitter, and Email services.

IMO has been quite comprehensive in the business of multimedia, although quality player and a TV tunner is still standard.
But the price of Rp. 700 thousand was quite fitting considering applications and features offered are complete enough for users of lower ranks.

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1 Responses to IMO B720, Cheap Mobile QWERTY and Fixed Rely Chat feature.

  1. Den Hanafi Says:
  2. sepertinya saingan bb makin banyak aja nih. :D


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