CSL Blueberry i9000, Mini Mobile With TV feature.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Saturday, April 3, 2010

CSL Blueberry Innovation i9000 TV looks at the navigation menu using the trackpad function.
The screen size of standard 2.2 inch QVGA display with 262 thousand colors, besides the screen also serves shake motion.

Button on the navigation consisted of approximately GSM two dial button, two button shortcut menu, and navigation in the middle of the trackpad.
Button located at the tip of the right side serves as a dial break, while on the left side of the dial break button function as a back button on the menu.

On the left bank of phones using a USB port device in the form of aid, and not only that the lower edge of the standard Nokia charger port is equipped small.
On the rear side of the board exactly the cover of battery section of speakers out there that flanked the main camera lens measuring 1.3 Megapixel.

QWERTY keypad back background bright white light, and light is also fairly evenly distributed now.
On each key has a respective task among others in the lock button is enabled on the button left of "Z", the two buttons "aA" serves as a substitute for fontase type, and the function of "alt" is allocated with the arrows keys on the left precisely on the button shortcut message.
The right side of the space key to use shortcut keys, MP3 player, while on the right side (Sym) there is a button to insert symbols.
For the silent button can use the button (.) By pressing a little longer, and press the "del" is located above the enter key.

Function folder is enough complete multimedia contained in the standard function.
Among digital camera with 1.3 Megapixel power, video / audio recorders, MP3/video player, FM radio, and TV tunner as one of the advantages of this i9000tv.
To feature a TV tunner own ability collaborated with motion shake function to serve as a substitute for TV channels with shaking the phone.

A social networking functions shall be used as an application for a QWERTY phone, which is supported by Facebook, Twitter, Bq store that combined the chat channels such as Bq mobile, eBuddy, mig33 version 4, as well as OperaMini browser and web browser 2.0.
As an additional feature there is the function of games in a folder CSL fun club, calendar, tasks, alarm, world clock, azan alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, and Ebook reader.

Price: Rp. 950,000
Network: Dual on GSM 900/1800 MHz.
Dimensions: 5.3 x 1.4 x 9.8 cm.
Connections: Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, USB.
Multimedia: 1.3 Mpix camera, Video / Audio recorder, MP3/Video player, FM radio, TV tunner.
Social Networking: Facebook, twitter, combined store Bq Bq channels such as mobile chat, eBuddy, Mig33 Version 4.

Advantages: simple design, navigation Trackpad, Full social networking, a complete Multimedia, TV Tunner Support.

Weaknesses: Button "Back" does not look its icon, the screen resolution is less, not have a special button volume (Use the + &), too many shortcut menus, Chasing too slippery.

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  1. Den Hanafi Says:
  2. mantep banget dah. harganya juga 'bersahabat'. :)

  3. Mas Joe Says:
  4. ini udah pixel atau digital ya kameranya?

    maaf mas baru sempat mampir :D

  5. Great post.
    Want to Link Exchange?
    Thank you

  6. tomo Says:
  7. Blueberry saingannya BB memang makin maju saja ya

  8. uswah Says:
  9. Ada tvnya juga sob ya.canggih

  10. narti Says:
  11. baca blueberry kirain kue...hihi...
    baru tahu nih, makasih infonya.

  12. sda Says:
  13. ini saingannya blackberry kah? kalau disingkat BB juga...
    tapi masih dibawah blackberry begitu ya?


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