moTweets, Twitter Aplication For Windows Mobile.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Thursday, June 17, 2010

moTweets, Twitter Aplication For Windows Mobile.moTweets is a client application that functions to perform access social networking site Twitter.
With this application, a Windows Mobile device has the ability to connect with Twitter in the interface that is more practical and comfortable.

Several interesting features have also been provided by this application as a support for users who have high mobility.
One of these users can access on a number of Twitter accounts simultaneously, in addition it users can also upload photos directly from camera phones or from a photo album.

If the device is already supported by GPS, the location can be posted manually.
Not only that, moTweets also supported by tiny URL support and finger friendly.
Twitter facilities is also complete ranging from Retweet, Follow, unfollow, Direct message, Replie, Favorites, etc.

Developer: Panoramic Software.
Version: 1.7.0
File Size: 901 KB.
Platform: Windows Mobile 5/6.
Category: internet utilities.
Download: Here.

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  1. tomo Says:
  2. Thx kawan.
    Kapan2 jika punya hp windows dicoba deh

  3. tomo Says:
  4. twitter makin hebat aja gan

  5. uswah Says:
  6. berkunjung

  7. tomo Says:
  8. Utk ponsel java ada ndak ya twit twit ini

  9. etam grecek Says:
  10. thanks infonya..
    walau saat ini hape ane masih jadul..

  11. mixedfresh Says:
  12. keren juga ya, thanks infonya

  13. joe Says:
  14. wah, mbukak kamus disik gan...

  15. odah etam Says:
  16. maaf baru sempat mampir ne kawan...
    sukses slalu..


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