BeBuzz Applications, Arrangement LED Colors And Vibration For Blackberry.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Saturday, May 15, 2010

In some of the Blackberry series is not available settings LED colors and Vibra by default.
We need to add third-party applications, one of which is BeBuzz.

Application made by Bellshare GmbH have two versions, namely free and paid.
For a free facility LED color and vibra settings still limited.

But in general, is enough to represent multiple user needs, such as for notification of incoming messages, incoming calls, miss calls, and when the Blackberry is turned on.

If using a paid version is superior abilities again, not just a reminder messages but all messages including instant messaging.
For PIN messages can also be more personalized, and surely with this application make is different from the other Blackberry.

Publisher: Bellshare GmbH.
Category: Entertainment, Gadget.
Platform: Blackberry.
Version: 2.1.40
File Size: 85 KB.
Download: Here.

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  1. Dimas Says:
  2. thx for share information, BB ku lagi error hue...hue...

  3. makasih mas infonya...

  4. tomo Says:
  5. Mak nyus kawan

  6. Uswah Says:
  7. Aku download sob

  8. sehat-mu Says:
  9. wahhh keren ini sobat :D
    bisa langsung diterapkan :D

  10. Aulawi Ahmad Says:
  11. wou for blackberry application :) tq 4 share :)

  12. Ipin Says:
  13. waduh blom pake BB nihhh..thanks infonya sob

  14. matodis Says:
  15. nice info sob

  16. richoyul Says:
  17. ampe sekarang belom dapet pinjeman BB nih heheh

  18. Delia Says:
  19. BB ohh BB...
    only in my imagination... ^_^...
    thanks ya...

  20. Ega Says:
  21. Tambah banyak sekali fitur2nya. sukses selalu ya

  22. Gadgetnya bikin HP tambah keren aja. oh iya gan.... ada Award buat anda...salam persahabatan!

  23. aldy Says:
  24. Aku kalau kesini selalu gigit jari melihat gadget yang moncer, malah jadi ngayal kapan dapat gratisnya :lol:

  25. Well done to change the look of your BlackBerry more attractive! Thanks for your info.

  26. akhatam Says:
  27. Wah ini porgram tuk BB ya?? maaf soalnya kurang paham Inggris.. hehhe

  28. alkatro Says:
  29. nice review, btw.. ngiler dot com ane he he

  30. darahbiroe Says:
  31. hmmm
    andai ja punya BB

  32. antokcupu Says:
  33. mop tag pasang di nogkia ku support ga yaw

  34. the others Says:
  35. Aku belum punya BB... BTW, thanks infonya.

  36. agoenk70 Says:
  37. waduhh sayangnya belum punya BB neh hehe...
    tapi thx banget buat infonya.

  38. Den Hanafi Says:
  39. entar kalau saya udah punya BB. akan saya download. oleh karena itu, doakan saya ya kang. hehehe...

  40. Fajar Says:
  41. lom punya je bbnya.......


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