Some Tips to Know a Shortcut Blackberry Storm.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unlike the Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Storm 9500 or 9530 we can not use a virtual keyboard as a shortcut.
On the Blackberry Storm have special treatment to browse your favorite menus are easier and faster, its core so that we can not go back and forth to open the main menu.

Before stepping away it's good we get to know some key and important characters are related to the use of shortcuts.

  • Virtual Keyboard.
  • Mute Key.
  • Right Convenience key (Default camera).
  • Back Key.
  • Menu Key.
  • Call End / Power Key.
  • Key Lock.
  • Left Convenience Key (Default voice dialing).
  • Volume Key.
To be able to enjoy the many facilities offered by the Blackberry Storm with ease we must know the function of some buttons below.

Basic Function:
  1. Lock Screen.
    There on the corner of the icon that is not too clear, press once to lock and press again if we want to open.
  2. Displaying the Menu.
    Besides using the menu key, we can also directly suppress the main screen.
  3. Back to the previous menu.
    Press the back key or end the call if you want to direct to the main menu.
  4. Quick access to your favorite menu.
    Here we can use shortcut keys left or right, do the settings by selecting menu options, Screen / Keyboard.
    Please select the shortcut button and adjust to the needs.
  1. Highlight / Blocking.
    Usually used to select more than one item, whether for text, messages, SMS, or multimedia files.
    Select items on top, and use another finger to slide the cursor to highlight the desired group is obtained.
    This step can be used to remove more than one file, or other functions such as copy / paste.
  2. Highlight / Search.
    As well as blocking the item, highlight can also be used to find groups of items based on characters in the highlights.
    For example an SMS or email based on sender ID, tap on the desired group said a moment while the indicator moves automatically highlight a search.
  3. Selecting a menu item.
    For this process, press gently on the icon screen to be selected.
    Touchscreen not only touched as many other phone uses, but must be suppressed.
  4. Scrolling.
    Slide a finger that has touched the screen towards the top if you want to find the menu on the bottom row or vice versa if you want to get the items on top.
  5. Between moving items.
    Usually used for the purposes of selecting files when aired.
    Slide the finger that has touched the screen to the left, to open the item next.
    When shifted to the right, we'll be back on the previous menu.
  6. Zooming and Slide.
    Press twice to enlarge the preview image looks.
    If you want to see the enlarged picture on the other hand, live appearance by using a finger slide.
    To restore the display position please press the back button.
Music and Videos:
  1. To temporarily display the audio / video, or resume press on Mute button.
  2. If you want to play the next or previous song, press and hold down the volume a few moments.
  1. To zoom in or out of the object image, press the volume key up or down.
  2. To lock the focus of the picture before the capture, press the half on the Right button convenience.
Facility located on the Blackberry Storm is actually quite a lot, but the average number of frequently used shortcut on the users.

Many explanations from me, hopefully useful and can help users not familiar with the Blackberry Storm which use the shortcut on the Blackberry Storm.

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  1. tomo Says:
  2. Makasih tips BB nya kawan.Enak ada lock screennya

  3. tomo Says:
  4. Wah ada zoomnya segala nih.

  5. uswah Says:
  6. Blackberry Storm sangat menawan sob.entah kapan bisa memiliki

  7. narti Says:
  8. makasih infonya...tapi lum punya BB nya...hehe...

  9. sda Says:
  10. makasih tips n tutorialnya.

  11. Den Hanafi Says:
  12. sayangnya, saya tidak punya bb bang. :( coba kalau ada, tips ini pasti langsung dipraktekin nih. hehe.

    nais tips.

  13. tomi Says:
  14. saya gak punya BB broo :(
    gak bisa pake tips ini donk

  15. Free Blog Says:
  16. seandaiinya saya punya bb hehe..
    salam kenal dari newbie broo

  17. akhatam Says:
  18. Wah bagus nih mas tipsnya.. bisa belajar dulu pake blacberry walau belum punya... hihihihi..

  19. darahbiroe Says:
  20. wahh makasih yaw
    belum pernah nuy pake BB

  21. antok Says:
  22. wah jadi isa ngebanyangin nuy
    gmn canggihnya BB

  23. arsumba Says:
  24. haduh.. selama ini saya lihat blackberry hanya dalam bentuk gambar aja.. ikz..

  25. tomo Says:
  26. Belum bisa praktek karena gak punya BB kawan.aduh...aku save saja dulu nih tipsnya


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