Nexian She NX-G788, Mobile Fashion for Women.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nexian manufacturer launched a new product that is named Nexian She, namely fashion phone for the users of women in particular.

Nexian She is one of the superior product because this phone has an advantage in the design sector as well as a relatively cheap price.

Nexian She body is similar to the Mito 301, including a swivel mechanism it uses.
This concept has also been used by Motorola MotoCube, but the difference Motorola MotoCube adopt the sliding mechanism.

Construction on Nexian She is different from the general phone, that is box shaped with dimensions of length and width have the same size when in standby condition.
If we shift the curve looks a hidden QWERTY keypad, and will appear in front of the body panels when rotated 180 degrees.

According to its name this phone has a very strong feminine design, this phone also shape reminiscent of the beauty device for women.
Moreover, if the phone is still open and reversed, will see a mirror with floral decoration that gives the impression that Nexian She was adopted woman's needs.

At the front of the main body visible screen and three Swarovski crystal element which also functions as a button.
To use a relatively comfortable button, only the navigation a bit cumbersome because it is too narrow and small.
While on the QWERTY keypad is easy enough when used as wide and slightly protruding knob.

This phone interface using size 2.2 inch screen, with the power to display color images of 262 thousand colors QVGA quality.
On the main menu view quite unique with a special animation icon background decorated with pink crystals.
In addition the phone also is equipped with Java that can operate in multitasking.

Price: Rp. 1300.000
Network: Dual On GSM-GSM (900/1800Mhz).
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 1,5 cm.
Screen: 262K color TFT, 2.2 inches.
Camera: 2 Mega Pixel.
Connection: GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, Data Cable.
Internal Memory: 20 MB.
External Memory: 1 GB microSD in the sales package.
Features: Nexian Messenger, 3.5 mm audio port, Google Search, Google Talk, Chat (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, eBuddy), Facebook, Twitter, SenseMe.
Battery: Lithium-ion 850 mAh.

Pros: Design is very unique with Swarovski crystals, Dual on GSM-GSM, Nexian Messenger, 3.5 mm audio port.

Disadvantages: Does not have a button camera shutter and volume, Body too small.

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  1. tomo Says:
  2. cantik banget hpnya.cocok buat cewek

  3. uswah Says:
  4. Nexian benar-benar banyak pilihannya.Termasuk yang ini

  5. arshad Says:
  6. Hi its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..latest mobile phones

  7. sda Says:
  8. cocok nih buatku....
    makasih infonya.

  9. narti Says:
  10. harganya lumayan juga tuh...
    milih yg satunya deh...

  11. Den Hanafi Says:
  12. nih hape peminim banget ya. :)


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