Nexian Messenger Application.

Posted by InfoPhone-KDR Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In principle Nexian Messenger application is not much different from other chat applications.
But to distinguish the user, Nexian Messenger uses a special PIN located on the first card that has been given in bandling package.

Unlike IMO chat or phone chat application other java, Nexian Messenger is always on, so each card will bandling the owner directly log in to the application Nexian Messenger.
For the price Nexian Messenger uses a special price related bandling program, which is Rp. 500/day or Rp. 15.000/month.
For Nexian Messenger capabilities of this application is available for the latest series which supports the platform MTK 6235.

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  1. Mas Joe Says:
  2. waw kayaknya mau nyamaiin BB neh Aplikasinya pake pIn segala euuyy. tapi kecepatannya sama kayak koneksi RIM nya BB gak ya... Info yang bagus shob

  3. Den Hanafi Says:
  4. saingannya BB nih??

  5. mas acrom Says:
  6. harus beli nih

  7. Nice inpo shob, ... thanks

  8. aguskusuma Says:
  9. nexian mgkin lebih ekonomis drpd BB
    is pilihan yg tpt utk kita yg berkntong pas2an

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